Sailor’s Cafe @ Donggongon

Sailor’s Cafe @ Donggongon

This week KKMOI shares with you a quaint little cafe in the Penampang area called Sailor’s Cafe. Don’t let the location and simple name fool you. Nestor Suan, the Owner/Chef who owns it, has always been a bit of a humble type.

Mr. Suan had recently relocated from New Zealand. real sailor who has gone on two expeditions to the Antartica. Nestor was a cook on board the ship.

The Penampang boy humbly refers to his menu as “fresh and simple,” but don’t believe him.

Sailor’s Cafe is tucked a little further than convenient for most tourists and KK-siders to get to, but it is definitely worth the trip.

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  1. Don’t order their signature dish chicken wings. Taste so weird. Me & Hubby just ate one piece and cant finish the rest. When I brought it back home and gave it to my dogs, they sniff and ran away.

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