Sambal Laksa at Success Delicatessen

Sambal Laksa at Success Delicatessen

Today we’d like to introduce to you to Success Delicatessen’s Sambal Laksa. One of our favorite local indulgences, this dish is usually eaten for breakfast or lunch in Sabah. Sometimes called Curry Laksa, the base of this particular broth do not contain traditional ingredients found in other types of curry laksas (like ground cumin, coriander, turmeric, or fennel).

The broth here uses dried chillies, crustacean shells, dried-shrimp paste and santan (thin coconut milk) to get its beautiful consistency, color and taste.

Order it with fresh fish slices, yu wat (fish paste) and/or prawns for an ocean fresh experience. It comes with a choice of yellow mee, meehoon (maifun) or kuay teow (ho fun).

Dipped with the prawn sambal shown above (with a squeeze of local calamansi lime), you’ll love how lovely the soup comes together. Taste-wise, the laksa here is closer to Singapore Laksa found in Katong (minus the cockles), but it is lighter on the spices compared to the variety served in Peninsula Malaysia.

Saying that however, even when compared to Singapore Laksa, they pull back in terms of heat, saltiness and intensity to focus on freshness. Sure you can get great laksa elsewhere, but can you get fresh Bornean seafood and fresh organic coconut milk in your laksa for RM 6.50?


The organic coconut milk is so fresh you’d think they were squeezing it directly from source into your mouth. The seafood is from our waters and not imported from neighboring countries. In spite of the high fat content, the laksa here doesn’t give you a rich aftertaste. The mildness of the broth also makes it easier for Western tourists to be introduced to the flavors of Malaysia. Three word conclusion: addictive fresh milk!

High in fat. May seem like a weak laksa to those looking for a more heat-intense experience. It’s also lower in salt compared to other laksas. P/S: Nothing that can’t be sorted with extra chillies and salt, so don’t knock it till you try it!

We we told that the laksa broth is purely seafood and has no pork, but the shop itself is not halal though!


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Success Delicatessen
(Far-left corner of shoplots facing Sawit Kinabalu hill)
Sunny Garden, Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Open daily from 7am – 2.30pm.

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