Dim Sum at Borneo Wild Treasure

Dim Sum at Borneo Wild Treasure

There really aren’t places where you can get great Dim Sum in KK. That is until we found this quaint little place at Bundusan Square called Borneo Wild Treasure. They serve Dim Sum in the morning and double up as an exotic meat restaurant in the evening.

On recommendation by GOURMET SAILOR’S friends, we headed to Bundusan in search of this mysterious restaurant because it was said to be better value for money and delicious to boot.

Crysanthymum Flower Bud Tea

When we arrived, we were greeted courteously by a chief captain, who served us their specialty Crysanthymum Flower Bud Tea.

He tells us that the flowers were grown during the cool season, and nipped at the bud just before they bloom. As the flowerbuds were hand-selected and brought back to KK from China by his boss, he was adamant in letting us know just how special they are. He tells us the difference between this and normal Crysanthymum tea is that it’s more liong (cooling).

Taste-wise I thought it tasted more intense than regular Qiuk Fah. Definitely a cup of floral punch! It’s alright to clean your palette with (in between dishes), but I think it’s siding on the strong side for an everyday tea to consume at home.


After looking at their noodle and porridge menu, we decided to get a variety of freshly-steamed Dim Sum instead.We ordered 12 baskets which include Pork Dumpling (Sau Mai), Salted Egg Dumpling (Ham-Choon Mai), Century Egg Dumpling (Pee Dan Mai), Stewed Chicken Feet (Gai Gyok), Steamed Spare Ribs (Jin Pai Kut), and Beef Ball (Nyuk Yan).

Salted Egg-Pork Dumpling (Ham Choon Mai)

The Salted Egg Sau Mai was by far the nicest among the dumplings. It had the springy texture and tasted really flavorful. It may lose to Hong Kong’s gourmet Dim Sum joints as far as texture and prawn-quality goes, but for RM 3.40 per basket, can you complain? I loved how you could taste the freshness of locally-grown Chinese Parsley that’s been chopped inside!

Steamed Pork Spare Ribs (Jin Pai Kut)

It was nice to not have to bite into bits of bone, which means they bothered to clean the chopped ribs before marinating and steaming this. I liked how the pieces were larger than coffee-shops, and the taste was authentic and really flavorful. I loved it just the way it is but KKDAD said that the texture of the Pai Kut at Foo Phing was silkier. He did add a caveat saying that if BWT did lose to Foo Phing on texture, it was only nominal.

Century Egg-Pork Dumpling (Pee Dan Mai)

The Pee Dan Mai here is bigger than Foo Phing, but the meatball was not as tightly packed as the other dumplings. On the taste front, it’s decent! Though I’ve never eaten anything more memorable, I imagine a perfect gourmet Pee Dan Mai using only the best ingredients; like the century egg from Yung Kee in Hong Kong. Saying that, one of those eggs costs a whopping RM6 a piece, exceeding the price of this basket of wrinkly meatball goodness!

Beef Ball (Nyu Nyuk Yan)

One word… BLISS! These bouncy meatballs were fresh, tasty and springy to the bite. Everything about them has crave-worthiness written all over it! This has become KKMOI’s favorite Nyuk Yan. It’s so fine! Mmm mmm mmm…

Braised Chicken Feet (Gai Gyok)

I absolutely loved the chicken feet. I kept saying “Hao Sit, hao sit,” which means yummy, yummy in Hakka! They make it right. Tasty, soft, but not too soft. Highly recommended! Again, for RM 3.40 the quality-to-value ratio supercedes anything you can find in town.


We liked that the place was clean, air-conditioned and not overly crowded like most Dim Sum joints are. While there’s a good turnaround of customers, it’s comfortable because it’s not a madhouse! I guess probably because not a lot of people know about this place yet, and here’s hoping this blog post won’t change that too suddenly. 🙂


For 15 baskets of Dim Sum, 1 portion of roasted pork and duck noodles, and a portion of meat and century egg porridge, we paid RM 66.50! BWT is great value for money, and they make extra effort to serve their Dim Sum exceedingly fresh. One of KKMOI’s favorite finds of this month! Try to go early (for breakfast or brunch), or you’ll be left with limited choices.


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Bundusan Square
27-0 and 28-0
Block C Ground Floor
Jalan Bundusan, Penampang
Website: http://www.borneowt.com
Phone: +6088 – 732222
Fax: +6088 – 732332

Operating Hours: 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM and 5:00–11:00 PM Daily

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