Passion Food at Sailors’ Cafe

Passion Food at Sailors’ Cafe

It’s almost embarrassing how we keep going back to Sailors’ to eat and harp about how incredibly awesome it is. For one, we feel bad gorging on all that high quality stuff, and paying almost nothing for the kind of quality they offer. It’s almost a travesty that they’re not located smack in the middle of the CBD so that they can benefit more from walk-in tourists.

Nevertheless, for our fourth visit we had their:-

Soup of the Day

There’s mushroom soup, and then there’s MUSHROOM soup. The bowl at Sailors’ belong to the latter. The fact that it is made with real New Zealand/French imported dairy cream and has chunky mushrooms quartered in has restored my faith in the world. Here, you get served the kind of soup that’s being offered at fine dining restaurants at prices that other places charge for watery, instant soup. This is arguably the best 5 Ringgit soup in Kota Kinabalu.

Sloppy Joe’s Burger

Their Sloppy Joe’s burger makes me want to get up like Julie Andrews to sing My favorite things! Why? Because where on earth can you get a good quality-mince burger in a yummy hearty tomato sauce, with fat flavored-fries for 8 ringgit? (US $2.60/£1.60) It’s not portioned for American consumption, but it doesn’t need to be! For US $2.60, all you need to do is order two and you’ll still be only paying US $5.20. This is quality and value oozing with bovine goodness. If that doesn’t make you wanna sing, I don’t know what will…

I especially like how the sauce from the bits of mince gets rubbed off inside my mouth. You can tell that the tomatoes have been cooked long enough for the lycopene and flavonoids to be released. Very addictive stuff. Watch your waistline with this one…

Grilled Chicken Salad

As for their grilled chicken salad, the dressing was light and the salad was refreshing. There aren’t many places that make decent salads in KK, and Sailors’ is one of them. As you can see, the use of imported Radicchio and Red Cabbage suggests that they are giving quality ingredients in favor of using cheaper ingredients.

I liked this because it was guiltless, yet it didn’t taste like rabbit food. It’s also rare to find salads in KK that aren’t drowned in Mayonnaise or mock Thousand Island. For RM8, we’d be surprised if you  got anything better in town at that price range.


One word: Passion. The decision to go there or not is a no-brainer. Just make sure you fit in an extra run or go play some ball to burn those calories off!

Sailors’ Cafe
Lot 36 1st Floor Plaza Grand Millennium, Penampang Bypass
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 88300
Tel: +6088 731960, +6016 8319938

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