Grilled Western Food at Up 2 U Cafe

Grilled Western Food at Up 2 U Cafe

This week, we’d like to share a popular hangout spot for young people called Up 2 U Cafe. What we love most about KK is that, every now and again, tucked somewhere in the nether corners of the unexpected is a place that serves food that looks common, but tastes a lot better than their competition.

Moreover, this down-to-earth joint has been around for a few years. Few people realize that their head chef has many years of F&B experience under his belt. In the early 90s, he work at one of the best hangouts of its time; the now defunct Baked Alaska. Only KKMOI can tell you that! 😉


Their Grilled Chicken Chop came highly recommended, so I ordered it out of curiosity. For RM15, it’s priced in the mid-range, but with a whole chicken leg that has been marinated in their house-special sauce that has been grilled (not fried) to perfection,  it’s worth a few extra ringgits. I love all things BBQ’ed. Don’t you?

Their creamy sauce for the chicken is mmmm….


Their grilled fish is char-grilled for that smoky taste too. It’s simply delicious. The Dory fillet is just so huge and yummy. I liked how the flesh came off in layers and flavored with a char-coating of deliciousness.

We think that they are doing well on a daily basis with the young crowd because they offer a mix of yummy eats, creative drinks and Shisha. It’s a nice place to chill out as long as you don’t mind it being a bit smoky (from the Shisha).


As recommended by the owner, we got this blushing pink lychee drink. It was so lovely it deserves to bear the “mocktail” label, but Asian youth cafes tend to be very humble about their drinks. This one had mega-sized lychees floating on top of a slush of blackcurrant juice and hints of other flavors. A must try!

On a separate occasion (a few nights later), I took another friend there and ordered the Fried Spaghetti (RM12) and Sirloin Steak (RM26/US$8.50).


We think this is one of the few casual cafes that do decent steaks. Many places in KK serve slabs of rubber, but the steak here was tender and very juicy. I asked for a medium and they did it pink and perfect to my tastebud. The sauce is less like that of a classic type, and more like a flavorful Asian-interpretation (though not exactly fusion), which suits the local palate. Think Jack’s Place in Singapore!

The sauce can’t seem to choose a side though, and for a while we couldn’t tell if  it was savory or sweet. We finally settled with “a savory sauce that has a mild sweetish hint.” While it was quite a nice, juicy steak, it would be even better if they worked on their sauce to have a more classic Le Cordon Bleu quality to it. Something that is fuller-bodied would impress, maybe with a dash of wine, so that it leaves a memorable trail of flavor that hooks us to it forever. (Yes, I want too much sometimes!)


This dish is a flavorful, herby, tomato paste-based fried spaghetti with bits of beefy mince. It was not made to impress Bolognaise purists, but to solicit nods from their diners. It’s packed with more flavor than its required, so if you’re craving for a big tomato taste that isn’t weak or watery, this would be the dish to give you your lycopene fix. While we won’t be able to have this everyday, we liked it. 🙂


Up 2 U Cafe doesn’t need promoting, you just need to get there early to get a seat because the leisure crowd starts to pour in after 9pm. A down-to-earth setting, and a passion for serving great eats and drinks have made them a formidable choice for young people. It’s not so busy that you’ll feel stressed out, but it’s got a nice buzz and your favorite spots in the cafe may not be available every time. You gotta try their Grilled Chicken Chop. It’s really yum!


Up 2 U Cafe

(Open for dinner and supper)

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