Freshly-Baked Buns @ Kedai Kopi 33

Freshly-Baked Buns @ Kedai Kopi 33

If you don’t already know about where to get the best juicy warm buns in KK, then you would have missed out on years of freshly-baked goodness. Kedai Kopi 33 has been around for as long as we remember, but for some reason, they don’t do quite as well now as they did before. The once-busy coffee shop still serves the best bread-type Char Siu Baos in town.

They were once really famous and brimming with people. Their more popular branch at Lintas Plaza is doing better, but as we are regulars at both places, we’d be able to give you a fair comparison in terms of taste. As you can see, the sign at the original Kedai Kopi 33 at Jalan Penempatan is actually archaic by coffee shop standards. The KK (Ken Khong) bottled drinks company doesn’t even exist anymore!

Our guess is that folks have forgotten about them because they’re kind of tucked away in a shoplot that has no other coffee shops around, and people now have a choice to go to brightly lit places for afternoon coffee (their shop is kind of gloomy without lights on).

Nonetheless, their breads are still handmade on location in that room with the wood paneling behind. Behind that sliding door is where the freshest, warmest morsels of baked goodness are produced. It’s amazing that you could buy anything that close to the source, for as cheap as RM1.40!


We’re also a big fan of the Lintas branch, but there definitely is a difference in taste. For one, the original store has bigger chunks of meat in their filling, is less salty, and the buns have structure. There’s more flour and less baking powder, which we think is great value. For RM1.40, you could have yourself a filling tea-time snack. The buns at the other shop are saucier, tastier, but has less meat and collapses easily after some handling. This is likely due to the heavier usage of baking power.


For RM 1.60, you could get a curry chicken bun. The filling is probably one of the meatier buns in town. The chicken breast meat is obviously heavenly for those with a Western palate, but if you’re one who only eats dark meat, I imagine you’d hope for a silkier and fattier version. Nonetheless, we feel that we don’t have a right to complain because it is very cheap for what it is. If you get a curry bun anywhere else, you’ll be looking at a soulless, factory-produced collapsible ball that will cost you 20 cents or two ringgit more!


But really, there’s the warm chicken pie that is absolutely lovely! I love that for RM2.50, you can buy yourself a freshly-baked pastry with meat filling that would even delight an Englishman. The pie crust is loose, crumbly, and warm. The hand-rolled savory pastry is lightly-packed, moist, and it’s just like a warm soft biscuit that falls off and melts in your mouth!

While there’s also another chicken pie in town that’s fabulous (I will share soon), this one has cubes of chunky chicken bits in there whereas the other one uses minced meat (think Campbell’s chunky chicken soup chunky!) Take a look at the pie’s cross-section below. There’s onions and pepper in the meat sauce…. mmmm…

So if you’re looking for freshly-baked, warm buns and pastry, head to Kedai Kopi 33. You could eat there but what we usually do is get about RM15 bucks worth of takeaway to share with family and friends. It’s also a fantastic place to get munchies for meetings. You’ll love it!

Here’s where to go:-

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Kedai Kopi 33
Middle Shop at Taman Soon Kiong Shoplot by Jalan Penempatan
Open Daily for Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

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