Splishy-Splashy at Kionsom Waterfall

Splishy-Splashy at Kionsom Waterfall

Niagara falls it is not. Neither is this Sabah’s lost world, but if you need to absorb some of that negative ions to offset sitting in front of the computer all week, this little sweet spot is only a 45-minute drive from the KK city center.

Once you get there, you’ll be pulled by some magnetic force to seek out the roar.

When you finally get to the center of the attraction, you’ll want to feel, explore and just marvel at this…

Hug a rock, sit on it, and listen to the roaring waterfall. You will be rejuvenated!

Take notes. Sleep. Dream. Whatever.

Go for a dip in the natural pools to cool down from the scorching tropical bake… but don’t pee in it.

Respect the site. That’s how we do it in Borneo. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with higher vibrations for RM1 per folk.

Be careful though because the rocks are slippery!

Surely nature costs a lot more than that, but hey, this is paradise on earth so go on!

You can also do waterfall trekking and abseiling for about RM175 for a day trip. For more information, contact the tour operators directly at http://www.mountaintrailstours.com/ and http://www.borneofullforce.com

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  1. thanks for the information about your place…maybe I’ll go there if I have any chance..thanks again

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