Sabah Triathlon Group now on Facebook

Sabah Triathlon Group now on Facebook

So you want to do a triathlon, but can’t hack the process all alone? The Sabah Triathlon Group is now on Facebook. Based in Kota Kinabalu, the capital state of Sabah, the STG’s aim is to enable everyone who is based here to train as a team in order to participate in the many Tri events around Asia. Don’t be shy, hit them up here.


Look for John Chin (on the right). He’ll hook you up! “United we stand, Divided we fall. Livestrong Always!”

2 thoughts on “Sabah Triathlon Group now on Facebook”

  1. Hi guys

    Just wondering if there are any triathlons in Sabah from January 6th to 20th as I am visiting from Australia and my son who is 15 would love to compete in Sabah as he competes in Australia.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      There aren’t actually any triathlon events here. There are triathletes who train for events around the region but so far a local event is still in the planning! You can ask the Sabah Triathlon Club guys in the Facebook link above.


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