Rattan Baskets Made by the Blind for Sale

Rattan Baskets Made by the Blind for Sale

There are baskets, and then there are special baskets. Today’s feature are of the latter kind; baskets weaved by people who can’t see. That’s right. Don’t you suddenly feel like a loser for whining about how hard your job is? But you can fix your lameness by doing something good for a change — starting with using your sight to read this post about the fantastic things that are made by blind people.

You see (pun intended), more than 90% of the 1,500 registered blind people in Sabah are unemployed or don’t have a steady source of income. Those who have some skills try to support themselves and others by selling harvested crops, giving people foot massages, and weaving baskets…

You know, an honorable living! Basket-weaving is also a traditional Bornean craft that is almost extinct, with the blind people being one of the only communities left who are patient enough to keep the craft alive in a fast-changing world. Besides, the materials used are natural and sustainable rattan!

Just recently, KKMOI bought a fabulous rattan picnic basket for RM30 (US$10). I felt bad that the soul-less plastic picnic basket that my dad bought two months ago cost him just as much (RM28).

For about the same price, it is not only smaller, flimsier, and bad for the environment, it’s not a good look at all!

Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to carry anything heavy with the plastic basket without stressing out about the handle breaking. If functionality is your main concern, then the rattan baskets wins on durability. The only thing is that you’ve got to get the lacquered basket, as food spills and moisture may cause molds and damage untreated rattan. Nevertheless, it wins on all other areas.

So do yourself a favor and buy things that are of high quality, kind to the earth, and priced reasonably from now on.

When you need to carry or store something, think of the baskets that have been made by the blind. You’ll be saving money in the long run and also be helping the blind people in more ways than just financial. You’ll be giving them a sense of self worth!

For more information on how to purchase ready-made baskets or order customized baskets, please contact the Sabah Society for the Blind at +6(088)218718 and +6(088)218130.

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4 thoughts on “Rattan Baskets Made by the Blind for Sale”

  1. a good write up,thanks for supporting the Blind Society Of Sabah,may the guardian Angel be with you all the time !

  2. Baskets weaved with patience and tender loving care! They deserve to be supported and care for.

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