Rose & Ahmad: Satay, Whole Lamb & Malay Food Home Catering

Rose & Ahmad: Satay, Whole Lamb & Malay Food Home Catering

Today we’d like to share the deliciousness that is offered by a ‘husband-and-wife’ home catering team. A few nights ago, we had the pleasure of meeting the bubbly Rose and witty Ahmad who roasted a whole lamb and barbequed some of the most delicious satay you can get in KK. Here’s why ‘Rose and Ahmad’ are fabulous…

Your Very Own Satay Guy

Imagine being able to have your very own satay guy at your garden party. We’re talking birthdays, weddings, full moons, anything you feel like celebrating with food and more food. Imagine impressing a hundred guests with bits of marinated BBQ’ed meat that have been fanned and grilled to smoky perfection. Tasty authentic Malay satay with dripping peanut sauce…. mmmm.

Yea, you can stop imagining now, because Ahmad can do it if you’ve got at least 80 people to enjoy those meaty sticks!!!

Local-style Smoked Whole Lamb

Moreover, if you’re kind of tired of going to the same ol’ lamb people you’re used to, ‘Rose and Ahmad’ can be a great alternative caterer to fallback on. Their whole roasted lamb has had a lot of time invested in its preparation.

In a phone interview with Rose this evening, she tells us that she smokes the lamb for 5 hours at home prior to moving to the location of the party to finish the roast over an open charcoal-grill. She then carves it up in bite-size pieces for all to enjoy. It’s no wonder the lamb is so flavorful, juicy and tender!

I especially liked that the lamb is spread out on the grill to keep warm. So succulent!

If you’re serious, the barbequed whole lamb is roughly between 15.5-16 kg, and it costs RM600 to order (as of the date of publishing).

Homemade Malay Cuisine & More at Your Fingertips

So you’re hopeless when it comes to cooking Malay food, and you don’t want mamak stuff but real Malay food. Don’t worry, Rose and Ahmad are just a phone call away. They are able to cook all types of authentic Malay food from Beef Rendang to Mutton Curry, Ayam Masak Merah to Nangka Masak Lemak, you name it. They even do Satay Goreng and Dengdeng if you know what those are! According to Rose, as long as it is Malay food, they can cook it.

You’ll need to have at least 80-100 pax to get them to come on-site to cook or serve you. For smaller groups, they can still cook a few dishes for delivery. We were told that the prices for Malay food catering ranges from RM15-RM18 per person, and that will include two main meat dishes and 2 vegetables, including fruit. You could also technically just pay for the dishes only. Please refer to them for actual costs. Moreover, Rose says they can also make spaghetti, salads, and other types of localized Western grills.

We think ‘Rose and Ahmad’ are a fabulous resource to have for all your home-type events. Since they operate from their home, they have requested that you give them at least 2 weeks notice ahead of time so that they have sufficient time to meet your needs. Now that we’ve introduced you to them, feel free to contact Rose or Ahmad directly at 016-841-6790 if you have any questions.

We hope that for hooking you up, you’ll mention that you read about them on KKMOI.COM!

P/S: Rose speaks English.

Contact: 016-841-6790

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  1. Hello, anyway to get Rose & Ahmad’s contact?
    I have tried to call the number provided as above but cannot reach.
    Please help.
    Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi. I’m not in touch with Rose & Ahmad anymore, but I can ask to see if I can get their updated contacts. Will let you know if there are any updates. 🙂

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