Beli & Tebus: Nescafe to Give Away 125,000 Free Gifts to Sabah & Sarawak

Beli & Tebus: Nescafe to Give Away 125,000 Free Gifts to Sabah & Sarawak

I don’t know about you, but KKMOI loves presents. So when a brand decides they want us to tell Sabah and Sarawak that they are giving limited edition stuff away to their loyal customers, we’re going to show up and be the first to tell you about it!


When you buy Nescafe products between now and 13th January 2011, you get points that you can redeem for gifts. But don’t be put off by the gaming element of this program, it is A LOT easier than it sounds!


For instance, a single 300g Nescafe Classic coffee refill pack will get you 5 points, which entitles you to get a thermos like this.

Get 2 bottles of Nescafe Gold (200g), and you’ll have 12 points, which is enough to get you a travel bag like this!

It’s that simple. But of course, you may want different gifts and different Nescafe products. That’s fine! Here are the types of gifts they offer and the points needed to redeem them…

And here are a list of NESCAFE products that qualify for the ‘Beli and Tebus’ program.


From 10th October 2011 to 13th January 2011, there will be special cruiser trucks touring Sabah and Sarawak to play santa, as long as you have your redemption form filled out with proof of purchase.

Want to know where and when the trucks will be at? Visit and click on the left button labeled ‘Jadual lokasi trak penubusan NESCAFE.

Alternately, you could also redeem your gifts at permanent locations. For a schedule of when Nescafe will be giving away the ‘Beli and Tebus’ gifts, go here and click on the right button labeled ‘Jadual pusat penebusan serta-merta.

The download REDEMPTION FORM button is called ‘Muat Turun Borang Penebusan’ and the Terms and Conditions button is labeled ‘Syarat & Peraturan.’ Unfortunately, we won’t be able to translate the ‘Terms and Conditions’ document into English for you, but the redemption program is not rocket science. Just remember to have all your proof of purchases/receipts and fill in your forms before trying to get your gifts.

There are 80,000 coffee mugs, 35,000 thermos, 6,000 umbrellas, 2,000 travel bags and 2,000 windbreakers to be given away throughout Sabah and Sarawak. Hurry while stock lasts!


Not that we want to make you jealous, but we really liked the Nestle launch for two reasons.


We got there thinking that the Nescafe ‘Beli and Tebus’ was going to be like any typical product/campaign launching event, and then, lo’ and behold’ out come these remote-controlled traveling models of their products that made me giggle!

It was kind of cheesy but cute, but I liked it because it made the whole show fabulously funny! (video to come soon!)

After going behind the curtains, the rollies travelled out with a new set of items, this time with models of the redeemable gifts!

I don’t mean to laugh, but seriously… an umbrella on wheels? Never has an umbrella cracked me up so much. Not since the 55th time I heard Rihanna sing “You can be my umbrella ella ella ella…”


And the second reason why we loved it: Nice little GOODIE PACK of Nestle products. There’s something for the whole family in the goody pack we received.

Moreover, the attendees also got to play ‘Spin-the-wheel’ to get the featured gifts. Check out Hayden Chan trying his luck!

For more information on the Nescafe ‘Beli & Tebus’ program, please visit

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