Surfing at the Mid Reef Point, Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks

Surfing at the Mid Reef Point, Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks

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A few months ago we shared the wonderful world of surfing in Sabah and it seems you really liked it so here’s a follow-up! Since then, the surfer boys have been having a lot of fun and the most recent one is at a spot called Mid Reef Point.


It’s true we are no Bali or Hawaii. KK is known for its calm, flat waters throughout the year but during monsoon season (like now), surf will be up in some areas. Unlike Kudat (which takes 3.5 hours drive to get to), Mid Reef Point is nestled between Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Manukan, and is only a short 20-minute boat ride away from KK. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for busy professionals in Kota Kinabalu.

Dubbed as the best surf spot in KK by local surfers, on a good day waves can get up to 3-5 feet high. Awesome isn’t it? But remember bigger waves are only suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers so don’t try to be a hero before you learn how to surf properly.

The main feature of this surf spot is that the waves don’t actually break toward a beach but in the middle of the sea, in between the islands. Woot!

So if you would like to learn more about surfing in KK or to get lessons, please get in touch with the Sabah Surfing Association. They’ll gladly include advanced visitors as well as hook beginners up with the required skills to start. We also recommend that you read our maiden post on Surfing in Sabah to get a good grasp of what’s been happening if you haven’t already!


Photos: All photographs were taken by Charles Mawan. Go like his Facebook page, give him some love, hire him for your photography needs and buy his art!

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6 thoughts on “Surfing at the Mid Reef Point, Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks”

  1. Yeah, this is news to me as well. I was just in Hawaii but failed to get my first surfing lesson, so maybe I’ll have a chance to do so in KK one day. How unique that this is a surfing spot between two islands rather than at a beach!

  2. g ,day ivon gee ive been waiting for years for you locals to start surfing. I .surfed in kk when i worked there back in 1996-7. i was lucky to get waves 1.5m at the resort i stayed at , nice easy take off and fun. Since then ive been back many times surfing from kk to the tip , ive got video of all my trips. I even tried to buy land near the best waves i found but got tricked and lost the deal. didnt lose the money so i was lucky, so much to say but will look you guys up next trip 2012 i hope .ps im acredited surf coach with 30 years of surfing experience .keep ripping dudes

  3. was wondering if there would be people between 16 – 20th dec. and i was wondering if theres any surf shops in KK, i wanna get a board.. any heads up would be much appreciated! 😀

  4. one thing for sure, when the swell hits midreef, surfing there is absolutely fun…. makes it worth the long wait. Sure hope to get some this year, been awhile since the last one.

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