Where to Get Decent Chicken Pies

Where to Get Decent Chicken Pies

If you want to be everyone’s favorite person, you’ll need to learn how to feed your guests with snacks that don’t suck. Here are two freshly-baked mini chicken pies in KK that are perfect to share for those gatherings and small parties you must organize.

#1 – Crumbly Chicken Pie

Kedai Kopi 33 (NON-HALAL)
Incidentally, we shared this bakery with you in previous post about their baked char siu bao but today we’re only talking about chicken pies.

This pie is not like something you’d expect to find in England or Australia. It’s a Sino-creation featuring a marriage between two styles of Western pies (the sweet and savory), which is made to please the Nanyang Chinese taste buds.

The crust is sweet and crumbly like an apple crumble pie and akin to a cross between a grainy biscuit and muddy scone. We know sweet chicken pies are not a European feature but for some reason Sabahans love it. (Which means you’ll get brownie points!)


Yes, the 33 pie does have post-colonial bastardization written all over it, but it is not one to be disrespected as it has stood the test of time. It has been baked for decades in exactly this way and you can buy it warm for RM2.50 each.

Unique features:Crumbly, sweet pastry with breast-meat filling.
The great: Freshly-baked, warm and great as a tea snack.
The caveat: Sizes of the chicken pieces are inconsistent. The sweetish pastry may or may not be a hit with you. Eat this fresh as it does not retain its structure/freshness as well as the pie below when reheated the next day!

How to get there:

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Kedai Kopi 33

Middle Shop at Taman Soon Kiong Shoplot by Jalan Penempatan
Open Daily for Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

#2 – Savory Chicken Pie

Cake and Mee House (PORK-FREE)
We were first introduced to Cake and Mee House by celebulous DJ Cassie and DJ Rica from Hitz.fm. (Go like them on Facebook!)

Ever since they closed their 1B branch though, we have been been playing hide-and-seek to locate the mother ship. It was awful not having access to their cheap and cheerful fresh chicken pies and it took us 8 months to find them… BY CHANCE! So how did we find it? KKMOI drove past a sign that read “Mee and Cake House!” BINGO! *pull over*

Once we found the mother ship, we found all their other branches too! With such a generic name, everybody we asked prior to the eureka moment didn’t seem to know who or where they were located. If you drove past the shop in Penampang, you would never think there’s yummy chicken pie to be bought here. That’s why we’ll share this so that you don’t have to ever go through the agony like we did!

Now on to the pie details. First off, the crust is much more like a traditional English meat pie in that it is savory and not crumbly; it is a well made crust. The pie filling uses minced chicken, mushrooms, and onions and it is moist and warm like a good pie should be. Mee and Cake House’s chicken pie always wins unanimously in the small pie taste test among the KKMOI team. At RM1.80 (US 0.57/ GBP 0.37) each, the pie tastes pretty good and fills you up – that is if you can get a hold of some. Sometimes they do run out!*

There is no detectable use of butter in the pastry, but that seems to be fine in the local context seeing that most Sabahans tend not to like having rich pastries often. The pie is light and would definitely surprise those who are expecting to bite into a substandard pastry crust. Even expats would find this delightful. So go on and get yourself some chicken pies!

Money-Saving Tip: It’s perfect for college students and busy moms to buy in bulk to freeze and reheat!
Party Tip: For large parties, you can order these pies and other catering items in advance.

Unique features: The pie is moist and tasty. The pepper, herb and onions are strong-tasting.
The great:It’s the best pie in town you can get for under RM3.00. Super-cheap, freshly-baked, warm and savory.
The caveat: Minced chicken pieces are scarce so don’t count on getting your daily protein intake from it!

How to get there:

View KK Bakeries in a larger map

Mee & Cake House

Lot no. 1, Block 21, Bandar Penampang Baru
7.5km, Jalan Penampang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Penampang: – 088-713-843/088-715 843
Karamunsing: 088-283-843
Wisma Merdeka: 088-250-550
Operating hours: Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

As always, enjoy your food! 🙂

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