Ronan Keating to Perform in Sabah for Marine Awareness Month 2012

Ronan Keating to Perform in Sabah for Marine Awareness Month 2012

Not long ago, I heard a story from a dive master, about a tourist who rammed a wok into a giant clam to see if the shell would close.

The Trinacda gigas, which would have been no less than 60 years old died as a result from the shock. So where did this happen? Right in our backyard, off the East Coast of Sabah.
Divers examining giant clams, Bunaken Marine Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Credit: Matthew Oldfield Photography,
To avoid mindless actions on beautiful clams such as these, Gayana Eco Resort, along with Marine Ecology Research Centre (MERC), Bunga Raya Island Resort, Le Meridien and Celcom, have teamed up to organize a “Save the Giants” event in conjunction with Marine Awareness Month 2012.


And yes! Believe it or not, Ronan Keating, Ireland’s boy next door pop soloist and former Boyzone member will be making a guest appearance!!!

If your memory needs some oiling, you hear his “When You Say Nothing At All” being sung at karaoke bars all-the-time!

Ronan Keating Dine & Song

21st April 2012
The dinner concert tickets are RM1,000 per head. Since he just recently release his classy new album When Ronan Met Burt, we can’t wait to hear how he has evolved as a vocalist and musician.

Marine Day Beach Party

22nd April 2012
Otherwise, we were told he would also perform on the next day, and tickets go a lot cheaper at RM200. The beach party will include a Zumba Party with Michele Koh!

Celebrity hype aside, this event is really about creating awareness so that we can conserve our planet’s marine ecology.

Would the tourist have shoved a wok into a clam if he/she knew that they were endangered and extremely delicate creatures? We don’t know.

One thing is for sure though. The more awareness people have about the vulnerability of giant clams, the less likely they’re going to die a stupid death.

For more information and to get tickets, call +6 013 854 8184 or email

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  1. *splutters at the sheer indignity of how the giant clam died* A wok?!
    *splutters some more at the stupidity of some people*

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