Youtube Video Shows Sabahan Hotties

Youtube Video Shows Sabahan Hotties

Today we stumbled upon a video showing pictures of Sabahan hot chicks, and we think you’ll learn something new. We did.

Like anybody, KKMOI loves looking at sexy pictures, but she is a little disappointed that her svelte thighs and irresistible lovely lady lumps didn’t make the shortlist.

So right now she is watching back-to-back episodes of Korean dramas, sobbing her eyeballs out, while eating tubs of full fat ice cream to celebrate the fact that she can do what these women can’t.

Saying that, somehow Amber Chia’s absence in this video makes it a little bit easier on her ego, so she’ll be back to her chirpy old self by sunrise tomorrow morning.

P/S: She’s not really eating ice cream or crying to fake cancer.

4 thoughts on “Youtube Video Shows Sabahan Hotties”

  1. What’s surprising is that there’s a lot of ladies in there that nobody has ever heard of. Sabahan ah mois really know how to keep it low profile at home, and take the bull by its horns outside of Sabah! 🙂

  2. I know Yunn Ru or most of us know her as Ayumi personally because I ever studied with her together in KCC. She even became the QUEEN of Orientation Night during our study in Kuala Lumpur. She is indeed one pretty gal. Not only pretty, but she is really talented, smart and clever. She even still down to earth eventhough she is quite famous now

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