Second Time Around Bookfair at 1 Borneo

Second Time Around Bookfair at 1 Borneo

Book lovers, this is your lucky weekend. There’s no need to break your bank for a good book when you can get used ones from the U.S. for the cost of your coffee shop lunch.


There’s a bookfair happening at 1 Borneo between the 10th – 18th March 2012 (10am-10pm) at 1 Borneo called The Second Time Around Bookfair.

Tens of thousands of used books from Dallas were transported to Los Angeles, U.S.A., then shipped to Kota Kinabalu so that you can get your hands on them.

90% of the books are purported to sell less than RM 10, and they have popular titles from fiction, health, cookery, and children’s books.

Moreover, with a purchase of RM10 in a single receipt, you are entitled to enter the lucky draw for the new iPad. The cool thing is that part of the proceeds will go into rural literacy projects to help villagers in Sabah learn how to read.

So go check it out this weekend!

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  1. Jackie, thank you very much for the post and tag. I went there right after seeing your post. Got some good sets of Dr. Seuss (18 books!) and Eric Carle’s books. And, also Clifford the Big, Red Dog. Spent a good hour browsing as many books as I could. Most of them are still in good condition!

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