Red Tide: Sabah State Health Department Issues a Warning on Facebook

Red Tide: Sabah State Health Department Issues a Warning on Facebook

On Saturday, the Sabah State Health Department published this picture on Facebook, and a warning to everyone in the West Coast of Sabah about the presence of Red Tide.

Red Tide Can Kill

Red Tide (Laut Merah) is a phenomenon also known as algae bloom, which populates coastal areas making the sea water red. These algae carry organisms that are toxic to humans, and when eaten by shellfish and certain types of fish remain deposited in their guts and filtration system.

According to the Malaysian Star, the Sabah Fisheries Department director Rayner Stuel Galid said the Red Tide Monitoring Programme conducted by his department and the State Health Department showed the presence of Paralytic Shell Fish Poisoning (PSP) toxins in clam samples from the sea.


We urge the public not to take this lightly, as the Sabah Fisheries Department has also issued a letter to the Mayor and DBKK on the 15th March 2012, indicating the urgency to inform the public about the seriousness of the current Red Tide and Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP).

Seafood to avoid immediately includes all shellfish and pelagic fish.

People eating red tide contaminated seafood could experience a host of ailments, including eye and respiratory irritations (coughing, sneezing, tearing and itching) and in more severe cases, paralysis and even death.

Please pass this notice around to your friends and family.

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