Why People Are Loving The Newly-Renovated Hilltop Carpark

Why People Are Loving The Newly-Renovated Hilltop Carpark

At first glance, this unassuming picture may look like any carpark in a developed nation.

It may even seem too trivial for a blog post in a different context, but here in Sabah, where carparks are horrendously accident-prone for lack of clear labeling and guides, and potholes seem to be the norm north of Menggatal, this isn’t just another carpark photo; it’s a revolutionary step in urban planning!

Thanks to Phyllis Chin, Founder of Phyllisophy Creatives, this photo she took of the newly renovated Hilltop basement carpark (Foo Phing & Kah Hiong) shows these glorious blue walking lanes that are intuitive and safe for people, especially children to follow.

Here are 4 reasons why we think people are loving it!

#1 – SAFETY BENEFIT – Reduces Risks of Pedestrian Accidents
The clear blue lane labeling with the yellow pedestrian graphic makes it easy for kids (and adults) to follow. According to Ms. Chin, her 3 year old niece happily and intuitively strutted on the path. This feature is even more important in large shopping malls where traffic is heavy!

#2 – EFFICIENCY BENEFIT – Orderly Traffic Flow
When there is order, there’s definitely less surprises and ‘Whoops I’m Sorry’ types of accidents. Just for the price of a few buckets of paint, traffic flow is significantly improved and risks of unforeseen accidents would be reduced.

#3 – HEALTH BENEFIT – Less Stress for Drivers and Pedestrians
When there are rules, people are more likely to follow them and less likely to behave like their grandfathers own the car park. Carpark structure helps reduces stress and fosters courtesy among citizens.

#4 – AESTHETIC BENEFIT – It Just Looks A Lot Better
Color makes carparks so much more bearable. Isn’t there a reason why people want to get out of a carpark as soon as possible? It’s bleeding unbearable!

Lastly, we’d like to commend the management of the Hilltop carpark for having done this. Your carpark is awesome, people are loving it, keep doing stuff like this!

Hopefully, other carparks all over KK will follow suit.

Besides, what is a bit of planning and a few buckets of paint compared to the benefits gained? Time to make KK carparks safer, more efficient, healthier and better looking doncha think?!


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