Pick N’ Pay Likas Square Now Open, Better Than Original Store

Pick N’ Pay Likas Square Now Open, Better Than Original Store

Finally, the Pick N’ Pay at Likas Square is open for business and yes, it is a delightful store! In addition to their trademark stock of the best fruit and vegetable pickings, the new Pick N’ Pay n Likas carries stuff that’s a little bit more special.


We found some unique products in there which may be of interest to the epicurean, including rocket salad leaves, imported fresh herbs, and some new cheeses from New Zealand, yum!

Since we were being a little snoopy, we didn’t manage to take pictures of everything for fear or needing to explain ourselves. So we’ll just report what we saw. They sell all the basic stuff that KK-siders want like food, stationery, household items, and toiletries. They also stock more imported goods like wines, Haagen Daz, Kimchi from Korea, among other things.

Most notably, they have a center sushi station called Sumo, where you can actually sit and order sushi – even consume all the bento boxes there.

They have a really good selection of fresh organic and conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables that can be seen displayed near the front of the store. The store layout and items offered is better than the original store in Bornion, and I am sure residents in and around the Likas area will find it a delight to shop here.

Worried about parking? You get an hour of free parking with RM10 purchase of anything, plus, they also have a discount on fresh fruit in conjunction with their store opening so head on there!

P/S: Time for a Likas Square comeback you think?

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