Whole Foods: What’s Selling At Bundusan Market This Week

Whole Foods: What’s Selling At Bundusan Market This Week

There are days when vegetables look limp and withered, and then there are days when they look like they’ve just been cut in the morning and transported right to the market the very same morning. Today was one of those AWESOME days at the market, where the abundance of juicy fruits and vegetables look like they are begging for a blog post — even if it means just showing you what you’re missing out!

A Fruity Affair

After spending a month in Korea and seeing how expensive fresh foods are, I have to say Borneo is really a modern-day Canaan. Abundance of fruits everywhere for cheap unlike anywhere else! Pineapples, bananas, papayas, honeydew melons, watermelons, apples, oranges, pears, just to name a few.

Beautiful apples from New Zealand, South Africa and the United States, looking like they belong in your mouth.

Just take a look at these Pacific Rose beauties from NZ… just looking at them makes us happy!

From green to ripe papayas, you can make your som tams or just spritz some lime on cubes of orange-y goodness. Remember the paler variety sells for 5 quid per 200 gms at Whole Foods in London. Here you’re getting RM2.50 a kilo (read: 50p per kg) for tree-cut balloons of high-carotene goodness.

Finally from the fruit vault, we’ll share with you the fact that durians and mangoes are just beginning to be in season. So hunt for them. (Note: Durians not sold at Bundusan)

Vegetables from Heaven On Earth

Slivers of spring onions are waiting to go into your salads, pancake, stir-fried beef dish, among other things.

Yes, we realize we’re a bit manic about market-fresh vegetables, but that’s because they contain enzymes and life-giving energy that’s delicious, nutritious and affordable. Here’s some local brussel-like sprouts. If you chop them up in strips and stirfry it with garlic and olive oil it’s so yum!

Then of course, when available we prefer local snap peas to the imported kind because it’s from our nutrient-rich soil!

Red and green chillies, waiting to be pickled into jars as italian antipasto, or that hot Asian dish you’ve been craving for. I can think of how fragrant a Mexican dish would be with these…

Just look at how fresh these beets are. Perfect to be made into salads, or juiced with some pineapple for an iron-rich and potassium health drink.

Then there are leeks. We like to add them to stews, sometimes julienne them and make Korean side condiments to enjoy with our BBQ meats.

Want a zing? Nothing is quite sought after like our bird chillies. You just don’t get this sort of heat from the biggies. Don’t be a wuss, stir fry them with some anchovies and garlic ooh…

And to end our little photo tour, we’ll share some sweet potatoes and pumpkin with you. Did you know those pumpkin are merely RM1.00 a portion? Yea, 20p.

There’s a lot more fruits and vegetables on offer, like broccoli, spinach, eggplant, cucumbers, cabbages, ti wong miao, tomatoes, carrots and many others so do stop by Bundusan Market yourself to get your favorite produce. They’re so fresh and cheap it would be a shame to see it all wither without you knowing!

How To Get There

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Bundusan Wholesale Market

Pasar Pemborong Sayur-Sayuran Dan Buah-Buahan Pantai Barat Sabah
Jalan Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Hours: 11am – 5pm

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  1. what happen and where is the market now? we went there on 28 of march and there is a plot of empty land now…i wish it was still there or at least shifted to a better place…cheap vege.

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