How to Solve Tangling Wires and Cables Once and For All

How to Solve Tangling Wires and Cables Once and For All

Don’t you think wires have a mind of their own? At least for me, no matter how I roll up my USB cables and earphones neatly, somehow they always end up getting tangled when I try to remove one from the main bunch.


The Problem

If you’re like me, you want a practical solution for this common but annoying problem. Like me, you probably have a bunch of all kinds of cables, connectors, and wires that you store in a drawer somewhere. You need them but it’s a pain to have to unravel wires when you’re in a rush to use them.

How Did We Get Into This Mess?

The first step to realizing process paradise is to know that it’s not your fault. We all got thrown into the age of computer peripherals and devices that comes with extra stuff, and there’s no manual in the management of “extra stuff.” Until now…

The Solution

Nothing works better than these velcro straps I found a few days ago at Citymall. They cost RM6.90 per box of 6 at CT Department store (1st Floor). I’m sure other specialist shops sells them if you tried to hunt for it, but in KK, hunting for anything is usually a pain in the ass and a waste of time.

They’re amazing because you just wrap them around your rolled up cable, and fasten the ends with the hook side to the loop strap. I’ve tried sorting my wires out with rubber bands, ribbons, strings and the problem with that is I get annoyed too when I’m spending too much time to unravel one cable.

As a lady who takes on multiple roles, I’m pretty busy and don’t really have time to dig my nails into anything. Untying rubber bands, ribbons and strings jut don’t cut it for me.

Where To Buy

In KK, you can get some at CT Department Store at Citymall (RM6.90) or as one of our readers shared, Daiso (RM5.00). So what happens when they run out or it’s just too expensive to manage your 39596 cables?

Luckily for us, they’re pretty easy to make. If you have a sewing machine, just head to an arts and crafts store, buy your velcro and some fabric ribbons, and sew them yourself.

Paying a bit more attention to improving your life processes in the spirit of the kaizen method means you’ll have a more productive, efficient, and less frustrating time.

The Result

Voila! No more tangling and tripping. They are easy to identify as units, and you’ll thank the heavens for the invention of velcro. ENJOY THEM! 🙂

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