Succulent Roasted Duck @ Kedai Kopi Kong Dung Chai at Iramanis

Succulent Roasted Duck @ Kedai Kopi Kong Dung Chai at Iramanis

Don’t you find that lately, it’s been impossible to find parking just to go eat in places that you want to eat at? I ended up serendipitously in Iramanis at a coffee shop called Kong Dung Chai, because I could not get parking at Damai, Lintas, and Hilltop on the same morning.


Like a typical Guangdong spread, they hung their best roasted meats on a display unit. At first glance it looked pretty good…

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much since the coffee shop had a rather demure energy about it. Even though the tables weren’t entirely empty, somehow the chi was not fierce, like the places that are extremely popular. It was however clean (by kopitiam standards), breezy, and quite relaxing (by kopitiam standards).

They did seem to offer enough variety to suit everybody’s idiosyncratic preferences.

From dry to soup noodles, rice and side orders, it seems like Kong Dung Chai does have a menu that offers popular combinations.

As for me, I wanted to sample their signature stuff, so I ordered some noodles with char sau, sau nyuk, and a side order of duck leg.

Konlaumein with Char Sau and Sau Nyuk – RM7.00

(Char Siu & Siu Yoke Tossed Noodles in Black Sauce)
The noodles were pretty nice because they were al-dente and the sauce wasn’t too salty. Plus it had a hint of garlicky flavor to it, which is kind of pleasant, and interesting in a light way.
Both the char sau and sau nyuk were however mediocre by my “atas” standards, though completely acceptable by third world standards. As a foodie, I wouldn’t jump hoops trying to get some cuts of these, but if you asked me to choose between having roasted meats in Kudat or this shop, I’d choose this shop any day!

Roasted Duck Leg – RM9.00

The duck however was pretty good because it was kind of juicy for an Asian duck (I prefer European & Australian ducks). It was also pretty tasty and I imagine this would go really well with a plate of steamed hot white rice. It went well with my noodles!
Any regular duck-loving person living in Sabah would find it yummy and nice!

The Verdict

I won’t go there especially to have their char sau and sau nyuk. If I happen to crave for konlaumein with duck leg, I’d consider this as an alternative to the shop at Thai Seng or Kin Hwa, depending on where I’m at when I’m about to go hunt for food. I think the duck leg and noodles is a perfect combo, because of their tossing sauce and juicy duck leg!

Kind of yummy. Give it a go if you happen to be in the area!

How to Get There

Head to Iramanis. The store is next to a hardware store, overlooking the side block where Capstone bookstore is.
Hours: Breakfast and Lunch

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