KKMOI is the Editor-at-large and chief writer for this website. A 4th-generation KKMOI, she is an avid traveler, foodie, and motivational something-something. Her life goal is to be able to speak, read, and write in 10 languages fluently. Her passions include health, wellness, fitness, good eats, and seeing new landscapes. She is also mildly famous for being able to sing and being an accidental media subject. Which she sweeps under the carpet for privacy. This is why she’s a cartoon character on here. 😀

AMERICANGIRL is from San Francisco. She lived in Sabah for 10 months and absolutely loves it here. Her other hobbies include singing, running, and being a math geek. She’s famous for being pretty tall for a girl (5’11”).

MIKA joined us in May 2011. She is a lean, mean, local machine from the foothills of the Kinawakaka mountains (so not). But if you really care, she’s an avid scuba diver with killer tastes, and the girl knows how to hook you up with great experiences that won’t break your bank.