Sharing the Best of Sabah With the World

Hi, I am the founder of KKMOI.COM. A few weeks ago, I sat down and thought about what I was going to do with all the content I have collected over the years. Information that people may find useful, that I have kept offline because I didn’t have time to make them available to you.

But now I’ve figured out a way how I can do that.

This blog-format magazine was created with one thing in mind….

KKMOI.COM shares the true wonders of Sabah to the world. We’re talking 38 ringgit buffets, how to live like a King on a shoestring budget, and things that we all learned that will make your life in Sabah easier and so much more wonderful.

If you want to write us love letters, ask questions, or contact us on how to be featured on, you can forward them to kkmoiguide[at]


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