Mixed Pork Soup @ Kah Hiong Zhu Chap

Mixed Pork Soup @ Kah Hiong Zhu Chap

Offals, offals offals! Sounds a little sickening but the truth is the people of KK love to eat a kind of Teochew-inspired mixed pork soup that has been localized to the tastebuds of Sabahans. This newly opened coffee shop is riding on the popularity of this dish in the Lintas area.

To tell you honestly, we were disappointed with this place. Just as important as freshness and cleanliness is the taste of the broth. If the broth doesn’t have the natural Umami taste that is usually released from slow-boiling pork bones and meat, it just isn’t going to please.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever check it out (if you live in KK) but with the reputation they have with their Ngiu Chap shop at Hilltop, I had expected Kah Hiong’s Zhu Chap to have some standard; the broth shouldn’t have tasted like somebody spilled a bucket of white pepper into the soup pot.

The intestines were bitter, which means they had not been cleaned sufficiently. The toppings were decent but the broth was akin to hot water with stirred-in salt, MSG and pepper. There was so much white pepper in the soup I left my food 3 quarters unfinished.

So while our experience had been disappointing, KKMOI is a lover and not a hater. My advice to Kah Hiong is to focus on improving their broth before more and more people run away from the uber-pepper salt water concoction.

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