What Happened To Bella Italia?

What Happened To Bella Italia?


Ah, for a while we weren’t sure if we wanted to be rumor-mongering about the restaurant scene in Sabah, but this is different.

We know it kills and vexes some of you about what happened to one of your favorite restaurants, because we couldn’t stand not knowing ourselves.

We asked so many people, but few had any information. So we dug deeper and found out!

If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening to Bella… let KKMOI be the first to tell you.

In a few short weeks, your once beloved Bella Italia will become Kudos.

What? Really?

Yes, Mark Freeland’s Kudos. We heard this through the grapevine about a month ago while asking the Jesselton Hotel staff what exactly happened to Bella.

Also, we just confirmed it with Mr. Freeland last week, when we went to Kudos Citymall for dinner.

He seemed really excited about the move, telling us that he sealed the back to put back a private dining room.

Do note that they will be closing their Citymall operations in February, and moving to Gaya Street at Jesselton Hotel.

So what happened to Bella? We were told unofficially by one of their staff that Leo Valasquez, the head chef for all their outlets left.

That would explain why Bombers Burger and Chiwawa are also closed for business.

So there you go, mystery solved!

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