Buttery Goodness at Cupcake Calendar

Buttery Goodness at Cupcake Calendar

Cupcakes are all the craze, but while many bakeries in Sabah are attempting to cash in on the trend, only a few stand out in terms of quality, taste and flavor. The newly-opened Cupcake Calendar is one that is winning big in my opinion.

Founded by the former Akademi Fantasia finalist Miss Velvet, Cupcake Calendar has set up shop at the new mall in Lintas Plaza. Two weeks ago, I tried the Gothic Princess and was so impressed that they had their own printed box (for KK standards that’s pretty good) and was even more impressed by the quality of the cake that I couldn’t stop thinking about having it again.

So when I was around the area yesterday, I made it a point to get half a dozen of their cupcakes. For a tiny new shop with minimal promotion, there was a line of 4 people in front of me, and the cupcakes were going a bit faster than I’d like. Thankfully I got my hands on some Very Vanilla, Mystique, Gothic Princess, Rocky Road and Very Berry.


I shared the cakes with a Patisserie Chef and a Restauranteur and these cakes have passed the test! It’s just the right amount of moisture, and they’re lovely and buttery!


Shop 1, Ground Floor, Lintas Station, Lintas Plaza, Jalan Lintas, Kota Kinabalu.

For more information, visit http://www.cupcakecalendar.com

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