Cycle Rickshaws To Start Operating in KK

Cycle Rickshaws To Start Operating in KK

This morning, someone shared a photo on Facebook of what seems to be cycle rickshaws parked outside of Warisan Square. Cycle Rickshaws, or Beca in Malay are pedicabs. You can read about them on Wikipedia here.

According to our correspondent Melanie, she shares that she was told that the rickshaw service will start in the KK area tomorrow (1st May 2012).

This is interesting from more than one angle.

Is It Bornean?

For one, while rickshaws are a Malaysian heritage, they are not specifically remembered to be a Sabahan or Bornean phenomenon. At least nobody remembers it as being common. But to be totally fair, there is that one famous historical rickshaw artifact at the Sabah Museum on display, which obviously shows they existed in Sabah before some of us were even born. If the rickshaw once existed as part of our city’s heritage, it is interesting to note that there have been no effort by both the state and federal tourism ministries to emphasize its importance.

Is It Practical?

For seconds, the central business district of KK is famed for traffic gridlocks during the work week, which brings into question the practicality of having tourists in rickshaws under the hot sun and traffic. Perhaps tourists who have tolerated the heat and messy traffic in other, busier South Asian countries might tolerate the experience for novelty’s sake. But we can’t help but wonder if this is at all practical without bicycle lanes in KK?

Is KK City Interesting Enough?

For thirds, is the city interesting enough for tourists to suffer the heat and traffic fumes on a rickshaw? Wouldn’t tourists, who usually come to Sabah to escape the stresses of urban living prefer countryside or beach side rickshaw rides instead? I imagine views of water buffaloes against coconut trees would be more fitting, but that’s just me.

While I think the rickshaw experience would be more pleasant in the kampung area, those who champion less carbon footprint think it’s a great idea to have more of these and less cars in KK.

What are you thoughts about this? Do share them on the comments section below.

As of now, no price have been set for the rides. For more information on how to get on one, just head to Warisan Square.

One thought on “Cycle Rickshaws To Start Operating in KK”

  1. I am against the introduction of this kind here in Sabah, it was never our heritage.
    Why can’t the Govt introduce the MRT that will serve the majority and cut down the traffic jam instead? There are nothing interesting in our small city, tourist come here for our natural beauty, not artificial ones.

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