How to Enjoy Sashimi in KK Without Going Broke

How to Enjoy Sashimi in KK Without Going Broke

Do you love sashimi, but find it ridiculous to pay RM30 for 5 pieces of fish?

Don’t worry, we feel the same. Which is why we’re sharing where you can sink your teeth into chunks and chunks of raw fish in KK, at the cheapest price possible.


Now we realize you might not believe us, so let me explain how this works.

Imported seafood is expensive anyway, but it is made more expensive when you factor in the frills. For every Japanese restaurant serving sushi and sashimi in town, they get their stock from an importer and wholesaler of goods.

What they then do is mark up based on their cost with profit worked into their menu. When you’re paying RM30 for 5 pieces of fish, you’re actually paying for the fish, dishes, aircon, shop rental, wages, renovation, and also the restaurant’s profit.

So how can you enjoy the cheapest and freshest sashimi?

Easy. You go to the importer (the source) and pay the lowest price possible at the freshest it can get for anything imported.

This stripped-down approach will only please people who want to eat plenty of sashimi and pay a reasonable price for it. If you don’t mind your sashimi served on stirofoam, this is your answer. Otherwise, stick with your frills as long as you don’t mind paying for it.

In Kota Kinabalu, Recipes House in Damai is just that source you can go to for wholesale prices.

In addition, they have sectioned off half of their store into a little dining area with a few tables to cater to people who want no-frills Japanese food.

Head to the chiller, select your chunk of fish and they’ll slice it up for you with wasabi and soy sauce on the side.


Take a look at this. We only paid about RM35 for this Salmon sashimi spread.

Yes. For about 6 quid/$12, the amount they give is generous isn’t it? Ngom ngom!


The great thing about Recipes House is that, they also make sushi to order. We ordered some salmon california roll. It was delish!


Since they are a wholesaler, their unagi is also considerably cheaper than if you were to have it at a Japanese restaurant.

For a piece like this, it would generally cost you RM30 to RM35 to have it at a Japanese restaurant. For RM26.90 at Recipes House, you can save up to RM8 if you dine-in. The best way to have unagi is to buy it in a frozen pack to take home. At RM98.00 per kg, a piece like this will only cost RM10 to serve at home!

If you’re worried about radiation from Japanese seafood, this actually comes from Taiwan.


One of my favorite things to get at Recipes House is the Salmon Skin Set Bento. I love it because the bits are actually cut off from sashimi-grade salmon, seasoned and grilled to a chewy crisp. KKMOI loves how fresh and juicy it is, though it can be a bit oily. The bento comes with salmon skin bits, white rice, miso soup and other condiments like macaroni salad and prawn balls.

For RM13.80, I feel this is a really good value bento because the quality is fresh, consistent, and it’s got just enough variety to keep me interested in my meal.

They accept all major credit cards, and are opened from 9:00am to 9:00pm daily. So if you’re craving for raw fish but don’t want to waste money on all the other stuff, look no further than Recipes House at Damai.

There’s only one caveat though… don’t bother dressing up or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb!

Here are the prices for the sashimi (at the time of publishing):-

Norwegian Salmon RM87.90 per kg

Norwegian Tuna RM99.00 per kg

Norwegian Butterfish RM66.00 per kg


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For more information, you can contact Recipes House in Damai at 088-242-181.

Recipes House – Damai
Lot 23, Grd. Flr, Blk C,
Damai Plaza.
Tel: 088-242-181

note: Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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  1. Thanks for the update! As an Tri-athlete, I am forever concern about the food i take and have no doubt raw fish is the best choice. But alas, it is true for some of the restaurant is rather price a staggering rate. I enjoyed your very informative blog and look forward to learning more! Well done and keep up the good work!


  2. You’re welcome JC! At KKMOI, we are all purveyors of the highest quality at great value. We have a new contributor, an expert in fitness who will be writing articles about training very very soon. Stay tuned… 😉

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