Miso Japanese Restaurant Offers Incredible RM5 Salmon Head Deal

Miso Japanese Restaurant Offers Incredible RM5 Salmon Head Deal

Update: 15/5/2012 – NOTICE
Please check your bill properly, especially how much you are being charged for service tax at this place. GOURMETSAILOR got overcharged service tax the first time around, which they amended after he complained. His friend got charged 22% in service charge. There’s a discussion on Facebook about this issue and we HOPE it is an honest mistake on the part of the restaurant.

Once in a while we hear a piece of news from the grapevine that sounds too good to be true. Like the fact that there is a Salmon Head promotion for RM5 at a Japanese restaurant.


Needless to say (no matter how skeptical), we have to show up just for verification’s sake — people want answers to whether this kind of insanity exists in our plane of reality!


Well we went, and to our shocking delight, it really does exist! But Miso, the virtually unknown Japanese restaurant at Karamunsing Capital aren’t the only ones who were crazy tonight.


We ordered 5 salmon heads, 3 portions of salmon sashimi, and 3 garlic fried rice for 3 people. Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we ordered too many fish skulls to comfortably pack in, but really, 5 of those babies will only just set us back 25 ringgits. That is the average price of a bento box in KK!

So even if we are to be forced to watch subliminal scenes of hungry Somalians during dinner, we’d probably still be able to live with the decision.

Ya okay, it’s real cheap. So was it any good?

We ordered two versions – the ‘Teriyaki’ variety and the ‘Salt and Pepper’ one. The former was tasty, the latter was a bit bland (this, we communicated to the restaurant.) The salmon heads were very fresh by layman standards and it is reasonable even at their regular price of RM18 per portion. It is however totally fantastic by RM5 standards!!! Salmon head for the price of chicken rice? Give me the bland and some sauce on the side please!


Last week, we went to a popular Japanese restaurant in KK and were served sashimi that was not fresh. The salmon sashimi here is so much better… lightyears ahead of that last restaurant. The slices were thick, fleshy, chewy and delicious. Even at their regular price of RM38, it is worth the experience but tonight, we paid the promotion price of RM15 per portion. It was pure bliss. *love*


The restaurant is clean, comfortable, and cooling. For a mid-range Japanese restaurant it has pretty high standards and we liked it enough to make another visit to sample their normal menu.

They also have a ‘not-so-private’ private room right by the window by the front of the restaurant. Nice placesetting don’t you think?

I especially liked the way they roll their napkins. It’s trendy and different.

Total bill? RM95.90 with 10% discount. Can somebody say amazing?!

So if you’re looking for a clean restaurant with an insane bargain, wait no more and head to Miso before the promotion ends!

Promotion Period

Mother’s Day Promotion – 9 May – 31 May 2012

How To Get There

The restaurant is next to the former Fatty Chef at Karamunsing Capital.

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Miso Japanese Restaurant

Address: F-0-5 & F-0-6, Karamunsing Capital, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Phone: 088 448 229
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miso-Japanese-Restaurant/201111263247138
Business Hours
Monday to Friday – 10am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday – 10am – 11pm