Fukurou Japanese Restaurant

Fukurou Japanese Restaurant

We’ve been snooping around other people’s blogs and read that Fukurou is the place to go for Japanese food in Kota Kinabalu. You see, our dining posse happen to love finding keepers and we haven’t found another place quite as compelling as Recipe House, as far as freshness and value-for money goes. Nevertheless, we decided to try the food at Fukurou.

First off, the atmosphere was clean, breezy and had really good chi. I liked that it was nice and cool inside which makes it a perfect place to hide from the radiating afternoon heat.

We ordered:-

Salmon Teriyaki Set

CBQueen had the salmon set and said that it’s pretty standard as far as Japanese set meals go. That’s good in a sense that it wasn’t bad. However, to be a contender for eat awards they would need to bring the quality of Teriyaki sauce up a notch. That can be done by caramelizing their sauce with better quality Shoyu and Mirin. Also, I believe slightly under-cooking the salmon will give it a nice pink and keep the fish moist. Maybe other people may like it just the way it is, but I have a gourmet palette and that’s what I would love to eat…

Steamed Egg

She complained that the steamed egg took too long. The waitress tells us the reason they were taking that long was that it was freshly steamed. We understand the importance of the freshness factor, but by the time it arrived we had almost finished our food. That made our meal really disjointed, so we hope that Fukurou will work on their dish process to ensure customers have a more seamless dining experience.

Their custard egg was silky smooth, but they must pay more attention to details that can be easily rectified. For instance, the Shitake mushrooms. The bits I had should have been soaked longer. It was still kind of dry on the inside, which also means that the mushroom flavors were trapped within the fibers without being aerated. Also, the prawn quality used were not good enough to truly warrant a gourmet experience. We hope they will work on improving the areas we pointed out, if they are really serious about being one of KK’s best Japanese restaurant.

Agedashi Doufu

Their doufu was as good as normal silky doufu can be. I’d eat it again for a casual lunch or dinner. Saying that, I would have loved for the crusty batter to be just a little bit thinner though. But that’s just me being particular. It’s really fine as it is.

Ice Cream

Although very flavorful, we thought the Black Sesame ice cream was too intense. It would be great if they could use a little less sesame seeds so that it would be less sandy. A nice culinary adventure though!


After the rave from other bloggers, I had thought that Fukurou would haveĀ  had impeccably obliging and attentive waitresses. I thought we would get a dozen kowtows and be repeatedly embarrassed by loud greetings, but there was none of that. Alas, they behaved like Sabahans. True Japanese service will shower you with overt gratitude for even stepping in.

Then again, we’re in Sabah and maybe that kind of thing may be excessive for our local people. Nonetheless, the industry needs to think about being “on brand” for the tourist market, and the default irasshaimase must be delivered laudibly and enthusiastically. Again, maybe other people only care about the food, but I truly believe that these details make a difference.


Fukurou is an above-average Japanese restaurant by local standards. They have plenty of interesting loyalty program offers and a menu full of variety for those who like choices. Where they shine is hygiene, which is something that is expected of a good Japanese restaurant. The atmosphere is pleasant and their food quality will likely please the casual diner. Do take note that dining in Sabah is very cheap by American, British and Australian standards. Pretty much anything you eat here (save a few flagship restaurants) will be of excellent value for money. Although there were a few hiccups in their processes, overall we had a pleasant experience.

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