Tuaran Mee at E-West

Tuaran Mee at E-West

Once only available in the district of Tuaran, today several eateries have begun to offer the popular Tuaran Mee in Kota Kinabalu. Although some halal places try to recreate the taste without pork, few have been able to convince Tuaran Mee purists to eat them at will.

Why? Because real Tuaran Mee uses char sao, choon gen and it’s fried using pork lard. My dining partner for the day doesn’t eat pork, so we went to a pork-free place and ordered Chicken Tuaran Mee. “The pork one will taste a lot better, but you’ll at least get to taste the flavor of the fresh egg noodles,” was what I said.

Boy was I wrong! This humble Chicken-version, produced by an unexpected kitchen fried up a plate of Tuaran Mee that was so good it was better than most of the Tuaran Mee with char siu. The al dente egg noodles were bursting with flavor; it was just the right amount of saltiness, the eggs and chicken went very well together sans lard. My only hope is that they didn’t cook me a one-off fluke masterpiece because I’ll definitely want to have it again. We really hope E-West keeps up the taste and quality!

So if you would like a pork-free version of a local favorite, give the Tuaran Mee at E-West a shot. At RM 7.50 it’s about a ringgit or two more compared to a coffee shop, but you’ll be dining in the comfort of air-con, hygienic conditions and Western-style service.

P/S: E-West has a dress code of no-slippers and shorts, so dress accordingly to avoid being refused entry!

The kickass Chicken-version here can give the coffee shops a run for its money. It tasted great!

There’s no bad actually. Well, unless you’re on a carb-free diet…

E-West Cafe Lounge

Lot 1,2,3 & 4, Phase 4,
88300 Taman Foo Loong,
Luyang, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 088-221233

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