Handmade Noodles at Xing Wan Pan Mee

Handmade Noodles at Xing Wan Pan Mee

Do you love steaming meaty hot broths with freshly made handmade noodles? Then one of the things you should have while you are in K.K. is Pan Mian (Pan Mee), and one of the best bowls is from a place called Xing Wan in Damai.
According to Wikipedia, Bǎn miàn is a Hokkien-style egg noodle soup common in parts of China’s Fujian province, and also in other parts of the world such as Singapore and Malaysia. Handmade egg noodles are cooked in a pork broth, which is usually topped with minced pork, fried anchovies, slivers of wood fungus, and the leaves of a local-vegetable called sayur manis.

Many people opt to have Ban Mian because the noodles are so fresh they are usually hand-kneaded, then fed into a noodle slicer within 10-20 minutes of consumption. Pan Mian that is well-made are texturally superior to machine-made noodles, and without preservatives and coloring; the process itself is quite similar to fresh pasta!

To many local foodies and Chinese youngsters, Xing Wan is a really popular place to go. The broth is really flavorful without being oleaginous, and the noodles are silky and chewy. Starting at RM4.50 for a basic bowl, it is one of the best lunch experiences one can have at that price range.

Xing Wan operates for breakfast and lunch, between 7am – 3:30pm.

Getting There

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Ground Floor, Lot 18, Block F,
Damai Plaza, Phase 6, Luyang,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/XingWan.cafe

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2 thoughts on “Handmade Noodles at Xing Wan Pan Mee”

  1. How do I order kon lou mee with the soup on the side rather than kon lou mee soup? I’ve been to Xing Wan three times and I’ve gotten soup on the side twice and once with noodles in the soup. There’s a language barrier even though the cashier speaks good English since the darn menu is all in mandarin. HELP!!! :/

    1. You tell them you want “kan lau mein – tang ling wai fang! (with the hand gesture of a bowl)” I hope that works coz’ that works every time for me 🙂 “Tang ling wai fang” means soup on the side.

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