Will You Wait 2 Hours for a Bowl of Wantan Mee in KL?

Will You Wait 2 Hours for a Bowl of Wantan Mee in KL?

Few things intrigue me as much as a dirty shack that people will wait hours without end just to have a bowl of wantan mee.

So when the owner of the hotel I was staying at insisted that I try the wantan mee stall around the corner at Tengkat Tongshin in Kuala Lumpur, I knew I had to have it.

What I didn’t expect was to stand by the roadside for an hour, spend another half hour resting my butt on the fence ledge, and another half hour sitting on an old plastic stool waiting to be served. With barely enough room for my legs, I competed for space with a roadside Chinese altar of sorts amongst other crazy people!

All for a bowl of wantan mee? Yes, I know. I had to satisfy my foodie curiosity!

The wait was definitely unpleasant. The owner’s default mode is one of grumpy stressfulness, in a feat that looks like him and his son-tag team had not gotten a production system down after all those years.

They were barely coping with the demand of equally grumpy, hungry customers, who nonetheless waited grumpily for their bowl of wantan mee. Bearing in mind the famous hawker street Jalan Alor is just around the corner!

The Taste Verdict

GLORY! Finally got my bowl of wantan mee after two excruciating hours of sniffing the mix of wantan broth and the scent of residual incense from the red altar I sat by.
There’s nothing spectacular about the way it looks. In fact it looks downright sad compared to the regular kopitiam combination.

The char siu looks like it’s been sliced off a very thin pig, and the wantans were actually quite small. Saying that, it was pretty cheap, so I shouldn’t complain.

What about the taste? Alright. Flavor-wise, the gravy of the noodles was definitely a lot more intense and flavorful than your typical wantan mee. It was sweet, savory and smoky at the same time. I guess the smoky flavor is the secret?!

The wantans itself? Small, but full-of-flavor. Of course it’s not going to be as gourmet and bouncy like the ones you get in Hong Kong, but it was pretty tasty to be honest… in a shack wantan-mee that makes you wait for 2 hours kind-of-way.

Maybe it was the MSG, maybe they added a bit of something-something, I don’t know. I just hope it’s not boogers and spit in there. But after scarfing the noodles down in 5-minutes (wouldn’t you be hungry after 2 hours?), I can see why people put themselves through the waiting hell and push aside hygiene concerns just for a taste of “working class” culinary heaven.

Would I do it again? Maybe, but unlikely. I’d curse my way through the entire wait under my breath, and I’m just not sure if it’s worth all the stress!

But you should at least do something crazy once in your life. 🙂


How To Get There

The map is an approximation:-

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The stall has no name, but look for a “stressed-out” noodle-tossing old uncle with a thin white beard in front of YY38 hotel. He tends to have moods and doesn’t show up everyday to open the stall. You could be going to this stall for a few nights in a row without avail. Or you could arrive there, having to wait at least 1.5 hours to get that bowl of wantan mee. The stall is at the corner of Tengkat Tongshin and Changkat Bukit Bintang. Good luck warrior!

2 thoughts on “Will You Wait 2 Hours for a Bowl of Wantan Mee in KL?”

  1. Yikes, waiting for 2 long hours just for one food is not something that I personally cannot do. Even if it is so tempting. I will just go to another stall and grab whatever I can. Even a simple slice of butter spread bread and kaya with a glass of hot tea makes it a beautiful meal for me. Waiting for 2 hours for one Wantan Mee…is not my style…

    But still, you got a very good information such as location and what not. That is what I like.


  2. i found this Wantan meee Stall accidentally. Be there around 10 pm when they just start as the queue is shorter. I actually think the grumpy old man look like the “professor” from the futurama cartoon. haha

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