Where to Get Vegetarian Ingredients in KK

Where to Get Vegetarian Ingredients in KK

Way before the Chinese made fake watches and bags, they made fake meats for vegetarians. That art has since been perfected by food producers in Malaysia and so we now have many alternatives to choose from to appease our demanding Malaysian tastebuds.

KKMOI tracked down one elusive stockist tucked inside the Penampang industrial heartland who carries just about every imaginable mock meat you can think of. Here are some shots we stole from our “very covert” operation to share with you.


#1 – Fake Roasted Pork, Char Siu & Steak!

Steaks, siu yoke, char siew, and fake pieces of organ meats made from soy, gluten, or konnyaku. The knock-off artistry on the roasted pork belly is especially impressive. Click to pic to see it up close!

#2 – Vegetarian Seafood

From chewy vegan squid for your blackbean stirfry to prawns for your tom yam goong, you can enjoy cholesterol-free seafood without worrying about mercury levels.

Vegetarian fish is made from soy, and usually wrapped in nori seaweed to give it that bit of seafood taste. That goes really well in fish noodle soup broths that Malaysians have become accustomed to at coffee shops.

Instant Noodles Without the Animal Stuff

Most instant noodles may have not have meat in them, but the seasoning usually have animal-derived flavorings. These don’t!

Fake Minced Meat

Oh yes… bits of chewy minced stuff to make sauces with. Hmm, it does make us wonder if they’d work in a Bolognaise sauce or lasagna?!

Vegetarian Sauces

Everything from vegan sambal to vegetarian oyster sauce, who said you have to give up on your favorite flavors when you go veggie? Know your bottles!

Curry Pastes and Sauces

There’s even meat-style curry sauces. Amazing!

Duck, Chicken, Mutton, Ham, Meatballs and more!

Really wish we could buy the whole store, but they have so many types it’s really hard to know where to start experimenting. Nonetheless, now we both know where to go for vegetarian meats, seafood and sauces.

New Edge Marketing Sdn Bhd

Lot 2, Blk 17, Bandar Baru Penampang,
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 88300
Tel: 088-727008
Map directions here.

Other Stockists

You can also try the freezers at Giant, LTS supermarket and Servay for a smaller, but still helpful collection. Try getting some vegetarian ham that’s made from soy. That stuff really tastes like real ham.

Lastly, with all that talk about how evil shark-finning is, isn’t it time to switch to shark’s fin made from agar mung bean? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


5 thoughts on “Where to Get Vegetarian Ingredients in KK”

  1. I’m against eating shark fin so I like the idea of agar shark fin 😀 I have been thinking of becoming a “part-time” vegetarian for health reason. However, many told me that I would end up taking more salt and oil.

  2. It’s true that if you go vegetarian, there will be a lot more fried and salty options at your disposal at veggie restaurants. From our experience, the tasty stuff are the fried stuff. After all, they have to do that to make their foods tasty.

    But you can still have healthier whole-foods type of vegetarian food (mostly Western style). These include salads that you make at home and also requires you to get a bit creative. Just takes a bit more work.

    Chinese commercial vegetarian food tend to have high salt, sugar, oil, gluten, and some chemicals for texture binding, which isn’t necessarily healthy. But if you’re going veggie for ethical reasons, then Chinese vegetarian food will take that edge off you with lots of fake meats to trick your mind and amuse you. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info! Upon reading this, I then scoured through hypermarkets for vegetarian ingredients and am happy to find quite wide choices. Although I visit vegetarian eateries occasionally, but home-cooking is probably healthier as I tend to use less oil and salt. I think vegetarian food should be more commercialized. Btw, shark-finning is too barbarian; so imitation one would be a better choice 🙂

  4. You’re welcome Murphy and Ashley. Eating vegetarian more often is better for the environment and healthier for you too.

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