Table No. 1 at Tanjung Aru

Table No. 1 at Tanjung Aru

There’s a relatively new restaurant right at the edge of town in Tanjung Aru. It’s trendily called Table No. 1, although it doesn’t only have one table; it has plenty of tables. We decided to check the place out because the converted-into-a-restaurant bungalow looked so inviting when we drove past it.

So we did a bit of digging and found out the restaurant is owned by a local Sabahan lady, and Table No. 1 is her concept and creation.


I think one of the things that draw people to the restaurant are the pretty bright signs out on the road side.

Obviously, this looks best at night.


Outdoor Area

Not that I encourage it, but if you’re a smoker, or need to fellowship amongst smokers, their outside area is pretty good for that.
It’s especially great for catching up with people you can talk and talk about life and everything in between with. There’s a slight hum from passing traffic from the street, but it’s tolerable as long as you’re with people you enjoy being with.

Indoor Area

Actually, the set up is even nicer inside. The air-con temperature is just right, the interior and setting is tastefully done, and I really liked the mood of the place.
It was also one of the cleanest restaurants I’ve ever set foot in… in Malaysia. Read: Perfect for people who like superclean places ie, neat freaks, nurses, matrons, surgeons, etc.
The table setting is pretty, but I’m not so sure if the organza napkins are that practical seeing that people will be wiping oil all over it *shrug*. Not complaining though, just a bit of a throw off is all.

Cakes, why don’t you hurry up and fill that pretty display fridge behind. But, I love the lighting, flowers and the Chinese New Year figurines!

More pictures on the restaurant interior. Very new, very soft effect, and very pleasant.
The bar area.

Dining area…


Before we proceed to check out the food, here’s a picture of some nice Korean ladies. They really are nice.




Honey Dijon dressing salad was ah-ok. I wanted it to be exciting. It fell short of glory but to be honest I won’t complain as long as the salad is fresh and cold (which it was).

Fish N’ Chips

Looked and tasted decent. Only thing is, it’s predictably dory, like every battered fish that gets served in KK. (Except for the one at Sailor’s Cafe)

Spaghetti Gamberi

This was garlickly, flavorful, and tasted at the very least authentic enough to be labeled Italian. But I would have liked the prawns to be more exciting either in terms of size, bounce, and flavor.
I’d love for them to cook an expensive version of this using big prawns mmm.

Roasted Chicken Leg

The roasted chicken was pretty nice. I think it boils down to the flavorful Frenchy sauce reduction and vegetables that come with it. Portion size is kind of small though. (read: Frenchy)
Love the roasted vegetables!

Chinese Fried Rice

It’s a decent plate of fried rice. tbl1_chinesefriedrice

Mee Goreng Mamak

It’s a decent plate of Mee Mamak.

Taste Verdict

Let me explain what “decent” means. “Decent” means that the quality, when compared to other restaurants locally, is a little higher than normal in terms of presentation, freshness, and taste. It’s good enough where you would eat and happily pay your tab without complaining.

They serve hotel-standard food, meaning, there’s some kind of standard value there that would please picky people. Would I go back there again? Sure. Probably often. But there will be no culinary awards given for menu innovation and novel taste experiences.

Table No. 1 serves a mix of Western and Asian favorites that are reasonably priced for the pleasant experience. The real reason why I really like this place is because of how incredibly clean and light the air is inside the restaurant.

For the ambiance and price point, I’d heartily recommend Table No. 1 to folks as long as they aren’t out there expecting to be served epicurean dishes. The food is “decent” by common standards (so, not bad) but I don’t recommend that you go bragging about how great their food is to foodies. You’d be better off saying, it’s a nice place for a catch up and the food’s “decent.”

Critic Ratings

Food: 6.8
Ambiance: 8.8
Service: 7.5

So go check it out. I hear they have nice drinks on offer, but I’m kind of on a sugar-restrictive diet and can’t review those for you.


How To Get There

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Address: No.1 Jalan Mat Salleh | Tanjung Aru Kota Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Facebook Page:
Phone Bookings: 0128353000 or
Twitter: @TableNo1KK

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