How To Get the Tanjung Aru Beach You Want

How To Get the Tanjung Aru Beach You Want

Photo: TAG 2.0

Tanjung Aru. Mention that name and most Sabahans will get a quiver in their hearts thinking about what it used to be like.

As for me, I remember distinctly what it was like as a child to go to Tanjung Aru. I played in the sea and built sandcastles by the seaside. It was the place to go to for your sotong tumbuk, steamed peanuts, corn-on-the-cob and charcoal-fired char kuay teow. Durians, rambutans, pickled young mangoes that weren’t laced with chemicals! A place for the family to sit under atap huts to have fresh coconuts while you enjoy the sea breeze of the South China Sea. It was MAGIC! Those were the days!

Gone are those days. *sigh*

Today, its concrete slabs and tourist-oriented structures have replaced the once organic, moorish, and magical place it once was. Tanjung Aru is changing so rapidly!

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can contribute to the future of the beach. Whatever qualms you may have, this Saturday is your chance to share your great ideas with a bunch of passionate locals from the Tanjung Aru Action Group 2.0 .

They are trying to get your input on how you see the future of Tanjung Aru and how it should be managed. They want the public to get involved in this workshop, because the beach belongs to the public and thus, the public’s voice should be heard.


You are encouraged to submit any kind of works of art from illustrations to poems, drawn, written, spoken or sung, and share the Tanjung Aru you see in your dreams at this Saturday’s workshop.

By sharing the Tanjung Aru you want now, and the Tanjung Aru you want for the future, you can make a difference in the dialogues policy-makers have about the future of the beach.

Even if you aren’t an artist, just showing up to share your ideas is more than enough!

Bring your hearts and minds down to the Art De Cafe, First Beach on:-

Saturday, 13th June 2015 at 1pm.

More details are available on the above flyer, and in the article on Borneo Post (published 11th June 2015) below.


For more information, visit TAG 2.0’s Facebook page here or 088-270705 during office hours.

Here’s to a better Tanjung Aru!

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