10 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

10 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues


You’re tired. Probably from too much partying or from doing absolutely nothing over the weekend, but one thing is for sure… you’re not looking forward to the beginning of a long, long week. A work week so long you can’t wait for Friday to come again. Just what do you do when you need to go to work? Go, you must, but you can beat your Monday blues with these tricks:-

  1. Exercise Early in the Morning
    If you want to get over the Monday morning blues, wake up early and go for a quick run. The early morning sunshine will give you vitamin D and energy. Moreover the fresh air provides extra oxygen to your blood stream and the endorphins released from being active will make you feel better.
  2. Change Something In Your Routine
    Find yourself saying same “sh*t, every week?” That’s because your routine is too robotic. Try to switch up the things you do in the mornings. For example, if you’re always listening to mind-numbing pop, try instead to listen to classical music. Take a different route to work. Leave the house earlier. However slight, by changing something in your routine, you make the commute a little less boring.
  3. Listen to a Motivational Talk
    If you’ve clearly got the blues, listening to a pick-me-up podcast like one of the hundreds of videos on TED over 20-30 minutes will help set your mind in a positive state. You’ll pop out of it in no time.
  4. Speak Faith into Your Day
    Say this. “I recognize I feel like crap right now, but that’s to create the contrast to how awesome I will be feeling shortly. Something amazing is going to happen for me today.” Or something along those lines.
  5. Speak Faith Into Someone Else’s Day
    Compliment or encourage someone verbally. You’ll be creating a positive ripple to carry you through the day.
  6. Watch Some Comedy
    Watch a short funny video before you start your day. It’ll help loosen you up, because life doesn’t suck as much when you’re laughing.
  7. Eat Something Healthy and Have a Boosting Drink
    If you’re feeling sluggish or sleep deprived, you’ll need a boost of green raw juice, spirulina, or coffee. It’ll help perk you up. A cup of hot tea over some great music helps too. Try to eat healthy throughout the day. Especially be mindful to avoid white carbs, processed sugary, salty and oily foods.
  8. Wear Something Different
    Put on a new lip color, or a new tie if you’re a man. Spike your hair in a different direction. Small differences adds freshness to your experience.
  9. Pray and Meditate
    Commit all your cares to God and whisper your troubles to the universe. Trust that everything works out for your ultimate good, and then release it and give it some time. Let it be. It’ll improve.
  10. Repeat Good Habits
    Finally, remember to repeat some of these actions throughout the day. Sooner or later, you’ll will yourself to experience a better day and week.

Positive actions usually create favorable reactions. With that, I’ll start the ball rolling by saying, GOOD JOB. The fact that you finished reading this post means you’re on your way to making your Monday awesome!

Happy Monday!

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