Good Roast Duck at Kin Hwa, Inanam

Good Roast Duck at Kin Hwa, Inanam

Before I share this next post with you, the truth is I love British duck meat better than Asian duck meat. I’ve hunted for roast ducks all over the world, and nothing compares to the £6.00 plate of Roast Duck Rice at Four Seasons on Gerrard Street. I imagine this is because cold-country ducks are fattier, finer, and juicier than their Asian brothers and sisters. Those British ducks are a hard standard to beat, and I’m not suggesting I’ve found its contender in Sabah, but what I’ve found is a pretty good roast duck in KK.

Last week we shared that good roast meats can make you popular, and because we stand by that, every time we come across meats that can up your popularity-quotient, we are compelled to share it with you. This morning we want to make sure you know where to get some decent roast duck.

The principles of meat are the same all over the world. Fattier usually tastes better than skinny meats, and the duck at Kin Hwa is fleshy and plenty fat. What I enjoy most about the duck here is the plumpness and beautiful orange-y brown skin that looks like the bird has been parboiled, glazed and roasted to presentation-perfection.

The duck here is not as strong on flavoring especially when compared to the one at the Merdeka Supermarket stall, but the upside is that you get to taste more of the freshness as opposed to the marinade. It isn’t as salty either, though I am not sure if this is their consistent feature.

However, the duck here is pricier. While the whole duck at Merdeka goes for RM50-RM55, Kin Hwa sells them for RM65. That may not be a big deal if you’re a duck-connoisseur, but it is a significant price difference for those looking to buy a few roast ducks. Saying that, I don’t think that’s going to stop you from getting duck from this shop because they do them well.


The roasted pork belly’s skin is VERY crispy but the meat would appeal to those who prefer theirs chewy, and don’t mind the taste of the five-spice rub on their sao nyuk. I personally prefer a moister and tenderer variety that brings out the full potential of the pork’s natural taste.


What I really liked was the sweet pork sausages. It was sweet, tender, and bursting with complex flavors. This sausage has character, but not so much that you’ll need to eat it in pepperoni-thin slices. It will go especially well with white rice, so that the strong flavors and saltiness of the sausage can be spread out for gastronomic pleasure.

If you’re going to go all the way to Inanam for some roasted meats, I’d recommend the duck and sweet pork sausages. The sao nyuk and char sao are above average by local standards, but just like Roger Ebert would be picky about his movies, we’re really picky about how we like our pork at KKMOI!

Here’s where to go:-

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No. 7-0, Block C, Ground floor,
Inanam Business Centre,
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Business Hours: 6:30am – 3pm daily

Mr. Lo: 013-8562265/ 016-8410969

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