Organic Food Served at Prime Cafe Damai

Organic Food Served at Prime Cafe Damai

I’m already sick of 90% of the food in KK. Not because they are not delicious, but because ever since I became more aware of my food choices, eating all the lard-filled konlaumein with msg-laden soups just doesn’t seem to be something I can do on an every day basis. Know what I’m sayin’? So it was delightful to stumble upon this signboard promising all-natural organic foods while I was meandering through Damai.

Prime Cafe is tucked inside the Green People organic shop, two doors down from Fook Yuen (the roti kahwin bread shop). I have always loved the chi inside that shop and wanted them to serve food and drinks. Finally, they’ve prettied up half of their shop and started offering exactly that!

What do they serve?

Right now it seems their menu is rather simple. Prime offers organic egg sandwiches on their own seed and nut bread that’s been baked using organic unbleached flour, they have unsweetened organic yogurt, smoothies and health punches.

They also serve organic soy milk latte though the jury is still out on the taste on that one. The bad news is, the menu is pretty lean but the good news is they do have one hot food item… vegetarian spaghetti! Mmmm.

Hopefully as they get more popular they’ll add more and more items on their menu. Half of this place is also a store where you can buy organic products for your pantry, so I thought I’d share some pictures of items that may be of interest. They do have fresh vegetables, herbs, nuts, and all sorts of ingredients and food stuff so if you’re into organic products you can go check it out yourself. Here are some fresh organic eggs…

Organic mayonnaise with sunflower oil and other salad dressings…

My favorite find of the day is the low GI blue agave nectar from Mexico. It’s only RM14!

So give it a try, and let me know what you think of this place. We think the ambiance is really comfortable, cozy, quiet, and a perfect place for reading and lady whispers. You might have other ideas!


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